Fears And My First 15K

My first long race is tomorrow and I am nervous! I feel prepared (enough) but anything new can be scary. I thought it would be fun to look back at my first race in January 2011 and remember how freaked out I was.

I wrote about my fears, the night before that first 5K. It was pretty standard fare, falling, feeling foolish, being last, and not being able to finish. Pretty similar to how I feel about the upcoming race. Then there were also the fears of the logistics, not knowing where to line up, hoping my D-Tag was on correctly, do I drink the water at the water stops, and assorted other issues that you eventually learn the answers to. (Can you tell that I am a worrier? It might actually be more frantic in my head than I am able to share here.)

Luckily, I loved the race and it made me want to keep running. Finishing that race, even though my time was slow and I walked some of it, was euphoric. I hope that tomorrow’s Miracle Miles will be similar, euphoria and pride for finishing (plus a personal distance record).

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How do you feel the night before a race?

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My top five fears for my first race on Saturday:

1. Tripping and falling on my butt
2. Huffing and puffing so hard that I cannot finish
3. Being last
4. Getting lost on the way to the race/Being late/Unable to find a place my unable to parallel park self can park
5. Looking foolish

These are fears that I know are irrational, minus the getting lost one which anyone who knows me is very likely to happen, but they still flash through my head. One of the reasons I want to run in this race is to help overcome the fear of the unknown, of doing something different. That it is OK to look foolish or be last or huff and puff with a bright red face.

See you at the starting line.