I Tried Suspension Training And It Almost Killed Me

My gym is offering a new class called Gravity. It is their version of Suspension Training. Basically, you have a system of ropes and webbing that is hooked to a fixed point above your head and preform body weight exercises while suspended by your arms or legs.

Suspension TRX Training Class


I enjoyed most of the exercises especially the push-ups. A very fit woman in my class mentioned that she did push-ups all the time (and she looked like that was true) and doing them in a suspended way felt much more difficult. The trainer leading the class pointed out that losing the floor can make a big difference in the feel plus you are targeting some different muscles being suspended. (The following video does a really great job demonstrating what a suspension trainer push-up looks like and why it can be more difficult than a standard push-up.)

This may be an indication that I need to cross train more but my entire body (including my armpits) hurt for days after this workout. Luckily my new job requires me to put away files in a floor-to-ceiling file wall, so my co-workers were treated to moans and groans at every arm lift. Plus some silent cursing.

Unmitigated pain aside, I would definitely attend this class regularly if it wasn’t an extra $15 dollars a class on top of my gym membership. If I could ever work up to two or three times a week, I might actually have a reasonably strong upper body and a stronger core.

Half Marathon Training Week Twelve

If you would like to follow my other weeks of training, they can be found on my Workouts page. I break my half marathon training down by week to make it easier to follow.

Half Marathon Training Week 12

Key Workouts:

Easy Runs: 3/3

Speedwork: 1/1

Long Run: 0/1

Strength Training: 1/2

Cross Training: 1/1

Total Miles: 21.53

This week was not my best week. My easy runs were fine, no issues, but my speedwork on Thursday was a disaster. I ended up calling that run a few miles before it was supposed to be over. The pace felt really fast, the weather was bothering me, and I could not get myself to continue mentally.

Supposed to be a tempo run

I rarely have runs like this and I am not sure of the exact cause but maybe it has to do with overall stress? As positive as I am trying to be, being out of work is rough. I feel slightly depressed and the lack of interviews is makes me feel rejected.

I missed my long run on Saturday because I attended a political event that ended up lasting for four hours. I did not have the time to run and make our dinner reservation. I might have been able to run but would not have been able to shower and do my hair/make-up. If J plans a romantic night, I like to at be somewhat presentable. (Plus he sees me in my pajamas and messy hair most of the time because I am home a lot more now. Have to keep a little romance alive.) I attempted to do a make-up long run on Sunday but the weather was nasty. So cross training and some streamed Teen Wolf was in order.

Teen Wolf TV Show


As an aside, is anyone else watching this show? The first season aired last summer and it seemed to get some buzz especially for a show on MTV that is not Jersey Shore. I have only watched a few episodes but I like it so far.

Back to the regularly scheduled running talk…

My training for the Half on March 4th has been strong, so I am not going to stress a few missed runs.

How do you handle missing workouts?

Any new shows to recommend?

Half Marathon Training Week One In Review

Sunday: I did 35 minutes on the elliptical and level one of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I have not done any of the 30 Day Shred in months and level one was hard again.

Monday: Planned a 4.5 mile easy run but only ran 1.64 miles because of lightning.

Tuesday: Took a rest day.

Wednesday: Planned on 4.5 mile easy run but ran 3.53 miles instead. I ran after work and started to get really hungry for dinner.

Thursday: Planned on a 4.5 mile easy run but it there was thunder and lighting when I got home and ended up doing yoga for 20 minutes. Felt amazing to stretch everything out, really needed to do this.

Friday: Supposed to do a 4.5 mile easy run but only did .46 of a mile. Thunder and lightning again and had to get back inside. Used the elliptical trainer for 30 minutes.

Saturday: Supposed to run 4.5 mile easy run. Actually did 4.46 miles.

Mileage goal: 14

Mileage actual: 10.09

I need to run earlier to avoid the storms we have most days here but I go to work at 7:30 AM. Running before work would require me to run in the dark alone and I am not comfortable doing that.The other option is joining a gym and running inside on a treadmill.

This weeks plan:

Total Mileage: 14 miles Running days of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Tuesday: Yoga and at least 30 on the elliptical.

Friday: Rest or some strength training.

Are you training for a specific race?


Today I got in the car and left two little monsters at home. I did squeeze in an early three mile run though.


I snapped some pictures in the car.



Crazy multi-colored ice cream place that I need to keep in mind for later.


We had dinner at the Sign of the Mermaid.


It is a kitschy local place in an old house.


They had an interesting imported beer selection. This was a dark German beer that was really good. 


We had clams and muscles in garlic butter broth to start. They were delicious.


We both had salads and J had French Onion soup. He said it was the best French Onion soup he has ever had.


The Lady Wellington for J which is lobster, shrimp, and scallops baked in phyllo dough.


I had shrimp stuffed with spinach and goat cheese.


J and I both give the Sign of the Mermaid two big thumbs up.


After this massive amount of eating, we walked around and explored the area around the hotel.




In honor of the Fitness Friday link-up, how do you stick with your exercise routine and eat healthy while on vacation?

I plan on running most days while we are here because running by the beach is such a treat. We also packed healthy snacks for the car ride and the beach.

Fitness Friday Blog Hop

Are you fit?

Fitness is subjective. Are you fit when you can run a 5K? Run a marathon? Hold a plank for five minutes? Is it a number on the scale?

I started on a journey for fitness and good health after being diagnosed with Graves Disease.
From the Mayo Clinic:

Graves’ disease is an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism). While a number of disorders may result in hyperthyroidism, Graves’ disease is the most common cause. 

The only cure is irradiating the thyroid, that typically leads to hypothyroidism, which is then regulated with medication. It generally leads to a life with a slow metabolism and weight fluctuations.

Nearly two years after taking the radioactive iodine, I am lucky to still have some thyroid function. It may even be enough to have a normal metabolism or to stop taking medication for it.

After the diagnoses, I knew that paying extra attention to how I eat and moving everyday would be essential. It has become part of my life and I feel better than I did before.

Fitness for me is not numbers on the scale or pants size. It is the strength I feel after a hard workout. The power I feel after running a distance that would have been impossible a year ago. It really is knowing that you can live with a health setback and it can make you stronger.

How do you define fitness?

Has exercise helped overcome or live with a health issue?

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