Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K Race Report

With the dreaded lay-off, my racing has slowed down significantly. So a free virtual 5K was exactly in my price range. I decided to run the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K as part of my long run on Saturday.

Right before I left the house, I asked J to take a picture of me. Now those who are regular readers know that my camera is used to taking pictures of cats but we will have to make due with the mug-shot pose below. (Yes, I am in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. It has been in the 80’s in Central Florida, so I really wasn’t freezing anything off.)

Dina Runs Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K_edited-1

I ran in one of my favorite parks, Lake Eva.


Mile Marker

Lake Eva

Trees and Water

I ended up calling it a little after 12 miles. It started to get dark, the park closes at sunset, and I was starving for dinner.

I was right on target with my long run pace. This is my second week back from two weeks of no running because of the worlds worst head cold. It feels great to get back into the groove, especially when my life has been full of upheaval lately.

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K Garmin Summary

When I got back home, J surprised me with these.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

I had a Maple Glazed original and it was amazing.

Long Run Saturday

Long Run Saturday has been a success so far. I actually woke up early enough to beat the Florida heat and humidity. The torrential rains last night, made the humidity that was around much more bearable.

I have run in Celebration before but usually start off further from town. This time I was able to run through the wooded areas and it was glorious.

Bridge through the woods and swamp.

Celebration Running Bridge

Running path.

Celebration Running Path

One of the many ponds.

Celebration Pond

A bridge over more water.

Celebration Bridge

It wouldn’t be Florida, without palm trees.

Celebration Palm Trees

Artisan Park.

Celebration Artisan Park

The Bohemian Hotel Celebration from a distance.

Celebration Hotel

Obligatory Garmin shot.

Garmin Time

Seven miles! My longest run in a very long time. Long enough to make me feel ready for the 15K in two weeks.

Sadly, this run was amazing minus one thing. I forgot my fuel at home and home is far enough away that turning around was impossible.

I ended the run at Starbucks because I was starving.

Non-fat latte.


Two Moms in the Raw bar. I had never had one before but it was pretty good. Would eat it again.

Two Moms In The Raw

Did you get a good workout on in today?

Any thoughts on raw food bars? Good or gross?

Saturday at the mall

Saturday, when you have a three day week-end, can be a glorious affair. There is no need to rush to fit everything in because you have that extra day to get things done.

This Saturday started off with a run through my favorite park. It was not the five miles I planned on but at least it did not rain.


After the run, I worked on getting my new laptop set-up. I have wanted a laptop for awhile and have been looking for a good deal. Money is always tight with J being a full-time law-student but he surprised with me with the laptop on Friday night. It was actually pretty cute because he called me out of my office to watch a movie and was holding the box in his hands when I came out. Super cute and sweat. (The movie was Red Riding Hood which was pretty good but kind of cheesy. Who am I kidding, I love cheesy movies especially if there are cute boys in it.)

We headed over to the Mall at Millennia in Orlando because J needed to pick-up an external hard drive at the Apple store. We also had a Cheese Cake Factory gift card from Christmas. (Thanks in-laws!)

The largest menu known to man.


Before the bread basket came.


After the bread basket came. I was super hungry obviously.


We ate tons of food as usual.

It is a fact that the Cheese Cake Factory has the best spinach artichoke dip in all of greater Orlando.


Not the salad I ordered but still good.


Veggie pasta.


Caramel chicken.


I spied this from across the way. Not sure how the mall made it so far without fro-yo but this is an excellent development.


We came home and watched Sucker Punch which was kind of awesome.

Long Run Saturday

I finally was able to wake up early enough to beat the heat for a long run. I ran seven miles at Lake Eva doing 6 and 2 minute run/walk intervals.


It was home for a quick shower, some cereal, and foam rolling, then off to the planning meeting for the Polk County Democratic Women’s Club. The meeting was held at Fred’s Southern Kitchen. I am not a fan of buffets because as a picky eater, I need to know what is in everything I eat. Plus my very limited meat eating and dislike of most Southern foods, I did not think this was going to be the resteraunt for me. I ended up having the Plant City Strawberry Salad which was pretty good but huge. It had lots of elements I like in a salad blue cheese, assorted greens, pecans, and strawberries.

It is pouring here so I will either be in for the rest of the night or maybe a movie and quick dinner. J was out celebrating finishing his first year of law school last night, so I don’t know if he is up for anything to crazy tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!