JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Review

I have been on a quest to find the perfect headphones for treadmill running. Spending lots of time running on the treadmill, to avoid the heat and humidity of the Florida summer, I encountered a dilemma. Running on the treadmill is much more tolerable if I can watch TV but to watch Netflix on my phone, my arm is constantly hitting the wire to my headphones. This was starting to drive me insane plus I kept picturing my arm hitting the wire and my phone flying from its perch on the treadmill. That would be both embarrassing and dangerous, so I started looking for a pair of sport Bluetooth headphones.

The first pair I bought was the Motorola SF600 Wireless Sports Headphones. The price ($99) and sound quality were both excellent but I could not get the headphones to stay on my ears. The part that is supposed to hook around your ear would not fit behind mine. Even trying to pull my ear through the headphones did not work and the headphones never felt sturdy. In defense of the Motorola SF600’s, I do find it difficult to get ear buds to stay in my ears in any capacity, so this may be more about the shape of my ears rather than the shape of the headphones.

Back to the drawing board, I did some research which found tons of glowing reviews for the JayBird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. At $99, I was able to do an even exchange at Best Buy for the Motorola SF600 and the Jaybird Freedom Headphones.

The JayBird Freedom Headphones have some very cool packaging.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Box

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Box Inside

They come with a neat little carrying case which is great to throw in your gym bag. It also has enough room for the USB charger in case you need to charge them while you are out.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Case

The packaging indicates that they last six hours between charges which I have not tested, I do know that I have been able to do a handful of runs ranging from 45 minutes to a little over an hour and have not needed to charge them.

The reason why the JayBird Freedom Headphones worked with my wonky ears is because they are very customizable. They come with assorted ear buds, ear cushions, and even hooks.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Earbud Options

The ear cushions are really interesting and I have not seen them on other headphones. They work in tandem with the ear buds to lock the headphones in place inside of your ear. It gives the headphones a very secure fit.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones

I purchased the headphones to use at the gym but did want to test their effectiveness on an outside run. Running outside with my phone in a pouch of my FuelBelt, I did not have any connectivity issues and the sounds quality was excellent throughout the run.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headset Trial Run Side

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones Back View

I am super sweaty and the JayBird Freedom Headphones did not move once on my run.

Another use I found for these headphones is when lifting at the gym I can put my phone down (even a few feet away), listen to music, and have no fear of being caught on a headphone wire. (I may spend more time than most thinking of ways I might harm myself in relation to the objects around me but I am clumsy. Better to be safe than sorry.)

The JayBird Freedom Headphones can also be used with your phone to answer calls. I have not really used that feature much but it could come in handy around the house.

Overall, I highly recommend the JayBird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones if you are looking for a wireless headset that you can sweat on. Also, if you have wonky ears like I do and need lots of customization for ear buds to stay put.

Half Marathon Training Week Thirteen

If you would like to follow my other weeks of training, they can be found on my Workouts page. I break my half marathon training down by week to make it easier to follow.

Half Marathon Training Week 13

Key Workouts:

Easy Run: 1/3

Speed Work: 1/1

Long Run: 1/1

Cross Training: 0

Strength Training: 0/2

Total Miles: 26.9

This week life got in the way of working out. It is amazing that when I am out of work, I can still be too busy to fit in a run. Spending more time focusing on political organizing and job finding is important right now, so I will have to make it work.

I finished two books this week.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me And Other Concerns Mindy Kaling.


(Review found here.)

Speak by laurie Halse Anderson


(Review coming soon but this book was amazing and a must read.)

I ran my longest run so far on Saturday. 14.02 miles! I feel more confident for Sunday after this run. I ran the entire run Celebration which was just beautiful. The tree-lined streets, the wide sidewalks, and a great breeze came together for just a wonderful run. Typically, I run with my phone so I can listen to talk radio on Sirius. Of course on my longest run ever, my phone decides to cut my battery life in half, and leaves me with no entertainment for the vast majority of this run. I did learn that I much prefer to have the radio than not. (Also, that being alone with just my thoughts for hours is interesting.)

This graph excited me. February was my first month to go over 100 miles.

Monthly Miles

Seems like an accomplishment. I just wish there were more hours of cross training and strength training in there. When I think about my new goals after this race on Sunday, I will be reevaluating fitting more of those two key components in. It is important to do more than just run.

As my runs get longer, and I don’t know how often I would run farther than 14 training for half’s, but I may need to make an adjustment to my FuelBelt. I now run with this model.

FuelBelt Revenge R20


I have the FuelBelt Revenge R20 with a larger pouch to fit my pepper spray and Cliff Shot Bloks. As the weather gets warmer and my runs potentially get longer, I am running out of water with only the two water bottles. There are times when I can refill but it is not always practical.

FueldBelt Revenge 4-Bottle Belt


Going with a four bottle model may be more practical for the summer. I use plain water with GU or Shot Bloks, maybe using a sports drink like Nuun or Hammer Endurolytes Fizz might help. My plan is to start experimenting to see if a water bottle full of water plus sports drink is helpful.

Track Shack Swag

Friday was kind of awesome. I got to wear jeans to work and leave early (to go to the dentist but whatever.)

After getting my teeth cleaned, I headed to an iconic Orlando store.

Track Shack


The Track Shack!


(Does anyone know how to take a good picture of a plastic bag?)

They are having a sale (that ends on Saturday) that is 20% off everything in the store plus it’s Florida’s tax free weekend. I needed some new shoes and to pick-up my race pack for the Celebration of Running 5K.

This was my first time in the Track Shack and it did not disappoint. What I ended up taking home.


New Asics GT- 2160. I have already run in these twice and they feel so good. I waited much too long to get new shoes.


A larger pouch for my Fuel Belt. It fits my phone perfectly which is great because I like to listen to Sirius when I run and need my phone for that. The longer my runs get, the safer I will feel having my phone. Just in case I end up in a ditch or hurt myself. (Or just to see how fast J will come and get me.)

The BodyGlide is for my horrible armpits. I have had some armpit irritation that is making me mental and have to concentrate not to scratch in public.(I want to apologize to Maria, who sits next to me at work and am sure has caught me scratching.) I used the BodyGlide and I can see an improvement already. I should have purchased this months ago.

I want to try some new nutrition as my runs get longer. So far, I have used Cliff Shot Bloks mainly because they are available at my local Target and nothing else is. I decided to try two flavors of GU and two Cliff Shot Gel’s and see how it goes. From what I can tell, this seems to be a highly personal process and filled with lots of trial and error. If you have any suggestions for me as to your favorite nutrition, I am all ears. What is important is that I do not want tons of chemicals. I try to avoid food coloring, fake sugars, and additives as much as possible in my diet.

All of this for 20% off.

I also picked up this baby.


Should have a race report up tomorrow. First 5K of the season was a lot of fun. I missed racing!

What are some of your favorite running products? Have you started your racing season yet?