Sick, Cranky, and My Husband May Want To Kill Me

Just kidding, J is actually kind of awesome when I’m sick. (As long as the Eagles are not playing of course.)

J hoping the Eagles will win

I have been sick with a head cold all week. I started to get a twinge of sickness on Tuesday and thought about delaying my workout.

Feeling a little sick but really wanted to run today. When in doubt, do you like to play it safe and skip your workout? #runchat
@ Depends what kind of sick. I have to admit that I usually sit it out when I am not feeling well.
Ali Hatfield
@ really depends how I feel, sometimes running makes me feel better, otherwise my body may be telling be to rest #runchat
Angie Maske-Berka

The lovely people who responded to my tweet about running when sick were right and I decided to take it easy on Tuesday. I thought the extra rest would cure me but I was wrong. Tuesday I was just feeling a little sick but now it is a full-blown eyes watering sneezing constantly head cold. So I have not been to the gym or out for a run since Sunday and I am getting antsy to move.

Two good things have come out of my recent convalescence. I had time to finish the Maze Runner.

The Maze Runner By James Dashner


It was excellent and I recommend running (see what I did there?) out right now and buying this book. It’s a pretty quick read but really intriguing. I probably will pick-up book two this weekend because I need to know what happens next.

I had time to watch the pilot for the Dallas reboot on TNT.

Dallas on TNT


I liked it very much and will definitely continue watching.

Jesse Metcalf With No Shirt Dallas


Jesse Metcalf is pretty easy on the eyes plus he plays a character who is looking for alternative energy sources. A man after my own heart.

Do you get cranky when you’re sick?

Should Jesse Metcalf be allowed to put a shirt back on?

Three Miles Never Felt So Good A Comeback Story

I have been sick for two weeks. Two weeks where my head felt like it was full of cotton balls. Two weeks where my chest burned and breathing was difficult on most days, so exercise was out. Being a bit of a sweat addict and not having the best time lately, not being able to workout has been crushing. Putting my sneakers and Garmin on today felt amazing. I love the freeing feeling of running. How it clears my mind and allows me to workout a lot of the little ideas that are always rolling around in my head. This is definitely one of those times when I really needed that.

When I came back from my run, I forced myself to actually do something productive. I think during this lay off, I need to make sure to keep a regular schedule of productivity. I made a to do list and one big item on it is to update my LinkedIn profile. It was skeletal and completely outdated. The last time I was in the job market, I used more conventional means to find it and am interested to see how effective sites like LinkedIn are.

After I felt I accomplished all I could for the day, I pulled the cookie dough I made yesterday from the refrigerator. I love to bake and used to not have much time for it. I took out my copy of The Original King Arthur Cookbook which is an amazing cookbook. The best part is it encourages modifications and gives great suggestions as to how you can easily modify the recipes. It is meant to be an evolving cookbook where people put their own spin on the recipes.

The Original King Arthur Cookbook

If you are not familiar with King Arthur, please check out their baking blog. It is very comprehensive plus they are extremely helpful if you have any questions or concerns about any of their recipes or products. (I swear, I am not being paid by King Arthur. I just really love them.)

Grandma Swift’s Molasses Cookies contain molasses, ginger, and cinnamon. They are soft with just a hint of sweetness. I love a spice cookie so these should go fast.

Grandma Swift's Molasses Cookies King Arthur Flour

Have you had good luck with LinkedIn?

Things I Did While Too Sick To Run

I left the house one time this weekend and it was only because we were running low on food. J and I are on the up swing but still sick. Of course this would happen on one of the most beautiful days in a long time.

Getting out of the car at the grocery store, my body aches to put on my running shoes and run in Lake Eva Park but sadly my face is on fire and it seems like it will not be happening today. Have to rest up so I can feel well enough to run sometime this week.

All the time sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, did allow me to plan out my meals for the week. I have been slacking in this area and kind of winging dinners lately much to J’s chagrin. I do not do well with combining random items from our pantry and freezer. We usually end up eating eggs or tuna but after how miserable we both have been feeling, I thought eating real food for dinner this week would be nice.

All found on Pinterest (which may be my favorite place on the internet.)

Pasta with Pancetta And Vodka Sauce

Whole Wheat Roasted Red Pepper And Fontina Pizza With Balsamic Glaze

Spicy Merry Salad With Avocado And Figs

I was able to finish a really wonderful book called Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver


This book is really wonderful and special. It brings you back to those high school years where you can almost feel what it is like to be 17 again. When popularity and what other people think of you can mean everything.The difference here is Sam knows she is dead and has one day to live over until she can get it right. I highly recommend this book and had a hard time putting it down.

What do you do when you are too sick to workout? Do you plan out your meals?

A Few Things

1. I’m back! I have been laying low because my computer died a few weeks ago and I have had a chest cold that forced me not to run. J finished my computer last night and my cold is completely gone which is just in time for Adams’ Sweat Your Thorns Off virtual 5K tomorrow.

2. True Blood. It starts on Sunday and I cannot wait. I love the books and the show. It really means summer to me when True Blood starts.


3. Man Meals. I have asked J to give me his impartial rating on a few recipes. The first was fish sticks with potato chips and a cabbage slaw salad. I need to healthify the recipe a bit before I share but this will be Man Meal number one. 


I wish I was outside running but instead I am inside catching up on chores (wallowing in the misery that is being sick). The middle of the week I started to feel a heaviness in my chest and felt a pinched feeling when I breathe. Bring on chest cold of 2011.

I pulled out the big guns in hopes that I can get the crud out of me.

Yes, that is cat hair on my dining room chair.

Last night, J and I ran some errands then came home for a marathon TV session (and Subway Friday). I also baked these.

I promised to bring something to the Democratic Women’s Club of Polk County meeting today or I would have rather been comatose on the couch.

I also picked up two new guilty pleasure books.

I have yet to watch The Nine Lives of Chloe King on ABC Family but it is on my TIVO. Love me some teen supernaturalish summer TV. 

What do you do when you’re sick?

Back in the saddle

Today was I was able to crawl out of the funk known as the six day head cold and actually run. It felt really good. Just to be on the safe side, since I still feel a twinge of cold, I ran very slowly (11:30 per mile) through my neighborhood for 30 minutes. This way if I still felt off, I could turn around and be home. 

04 10 11_0196
After the run I made a smoothie.
04 10 11_0199 
04 10 11_0202

Some sprouted toast with almond butter.
04 10 11_0203Now I get to put together an entertainment center for my office. I would like to turn this:
04 10 11_0204 

and this:
04 10 11_0205 Into this:

Hopefully my furniture assembling skills have improved since the hose caddy that still mocks me from the back patio.

Sick and my new BFF

First I would like to thank all the people who come to work sick and proceed to cough on, touch, and generally contaminate the kitchen, bathroom, and air around their desks. There was a nasty stomach bug circulating the office that I had the pleasure to catch and it sidelined me for a few days. Lesson here is to stay home if you are sick.

On to more pleasant news, last week I bought a foam roller. I have read how great they are and what a must have but trying is believing. I had no idea how tight and knotted my legs were until giving the roller a whirl. It is as if my muscles are looser and it feels as if it has improved my running. Not sure why I waited so long to purchase one but am so glad that I did.

Can anyone recommend an intermediate circuit training DVD? I have done the 30 Day Shred for a few months now and am getting bored. Looking for a new challenge.