Ambitious Is My Middle Name

I may be trying to make up for a little of the sloth like behavior from when I was unemployed. I wrote about my plan to run a sub-30 5K in the next few months. I neglected to mention another goal.

Motivational Toned Woman


I want to be toned and stronger. I struggle to balance strength training with running and my fitness is worse off because of it. Joining a gym for the first time in years, is a great opportunity to do something about it.

I know so little about strength training that I wanted to go with a set program to make sure I was hitting all the right muscle groups.

Jamie Eason’s LiveFit seemed like the perfect fit. It is free and contains an amazing amount of information from nutrition to motivation. The videos and detailed exercise descriptions have really helped me to feel confident that this is a program that I can do.

There are only two parts of the program I am ignoring, which I understand will modify my results, the eating plan and the lack of cardio for the first month. With my 5K plan, losing the cardio for any extended amount of time is impossible. I am putting my two plans together by strength training in the gym in the morning before work and running after work. The two a day schedule may be ambitious but having the significantly reduced commute has given me so much extra time. I want to spend this time going after my goals.

So here’s to being faster and stronger in the coming months.

Ch Ch Ch Changes

There are things I am good at like taking way too many pictures of my cats.

Cute Cat On Couch

Cat with blue eyes staring

(I take so many that J said that if there is ever a nuclear holocaust and a thousand years later aliens land and begin to rebuild, that they will find my hard drive and think Tail was some kind of deity.)

There are things I am bad at like actually strength training. I plan on doing it all the time but when push comes to shove, it often gets skipped. I can tell the difference because I am losing definition and feel weaker.



So here is what I am going to do about it. Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones twice a week.



I have had this DVD for a while but stopped using it because it is hard and it was difficult to fit 40 minutes of strength training in. While I am in job seeking mode, I have the time to do this without it impacting my running. My challenge, to myself if I choose to accept it, is to do this DVD twice a week for the next two months.

Ever stop a workout because it felt too hard? What workouts do you tend to skip?