Is it the weekend yet and Subway Friday

My company recently made a sales goal and we get to wear jeans today! I cannot express the absolute elation this makes me feel. I dislike dressing up and have zero fashion sense, so if I can wear jeans with a polo, I am a happy girl.

J and I have a tradition called Subway Friday. I cook most days of the week but Friday is my rest day from exercise and cooking. We eat the sandwiches and catch up on some TV and generally lay about like Hedonism Bot.

Lunch today was roasted vegetables over whole grain couscous with a crumble of feta on top. Great leftover from Wednesdays dinner.


Wish me luck on my race tomorrow. I hope to have tons of great pictures because people are encouraged to wear costumes.

Do you have any food traditions?


This weekend was pretty fun. On Saturday, I ran through Celebration which was amazing. They actually have shade and wide sidewalks. The houses are beautiful which was just an added bonus. I plan on running there more often.

J and I shopped till we dropped at the outlets in Orlando. Then it was dinner at Twisted Burger.

05 07 11_0298

The menu was pretty limited.

05 07 11_0296

The decor was pretty and colorful for a burger place.

05 07 11_0292

I had the portabella burger. It was pretty good, would recommend it.

J had some kind of deep fried monstrosity. He ate maybe two bites.

05 07 11_0294 

We also had an order of french fries, fried pickles, fried cheese balls, and sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries were very tasty.

05 07 11_0293

No 400,000 calorie meal would be complete without a deep-fried Twinkie.

05 07 11_0297

Overall, Twisted Burger was ok. I would probably not go back.

When we got home, there were some cat antics going on. Plus some cat sleeping.

05 07 11_0301 05 07 11_0303

05 07 11_0302 05 07 11_0300

Sunday was uneventful. I grocery shopped, cleaned, meal planned, and watched TV.


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The first week of April had me knocked on my back with a horrible head cold that circulated through my office. I missed work and did not run (or workout) for about a week. The beauty of the Epcot Flower and Garden Show helped make up for the time I spent in bed.

One thing about getting sick, it makes you appreciate getting full use of your body again. My first run back and subsequent reorganizing of my office made me feel productive again.

I kept up my streak of one 5K per month in 2011 with the Run for the Trees 5K in Winter Park. It was a lot of fun even if my time was slower than my race in March.


My mileage was consistent minus the sick week. I am slowly increasing my long runs and have upped my twice weekly runs to 35 minutes.

I (finally) started switching up my strength training with the addition of Jackie Warner’s Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit DVD. I really like this workout, it is challenging, quick-paced, and I am already starting to see some results.


My goals for May are to complete another 5K, this time with my Young Dems group, continue to increase my base mileage, and enjoy moving my body.

Things I love

1. Tea. I only drink water because I do not like soda and find most fruit juices to be too sweet. Herbal tea is a treat I have when craving something sweet but not looking for the extra calories.

2. Bananas. I eat two everyday (ask the women who sit near my cube at work). They are the perfect on-the-go snack and they fill me up.

3. Sirius Radio. My commute is 36 miles each way, so I spend a lot of time in my car. Getting to listen to talk radio, I’m a news junkie, or Howard Stern, makes this commute more manageable.

I am off to do my long run (six miles) and the to see Water for Elephants with a friend from work. I am not entirely sure that Robert Pattinson can act but it should be fun to find out.