Run for the Trees 5K Race Report

This may be the most beautiful 5K course I have ever seen. It started near Sholwalter Field in Winter Park and went through a neighborhood full of huge and very nice houses. The last leg goes through a private nature preserve with amazing trees and plants of all kind. It was on a dirt path under a canopy of very old trees. There were a few houses in this preserve and they may be the largest homes I have ever seen up close.

The neighborhood seemed to love having the runners coming through. There was a house passing out mimosas, plates of cookies, many people cheering, and a few funny, inspirational signs. Having that kind of community involvement really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy plus it makes me feel like a real athlete to hear cheering.

Everyone was able to take home a little tree which was great. The age group winners won much larger trees. All in all this is my favorite race so far and I will definitely participate again next year.

I finished the race in 37:54 which is a pace of 12:11. It is slower than my last race but I felt great during this race and avoided having any cramps.

Race day playlist:


First 5K Race Report

First 5K (5.2K officially): Awesome!

I ran the Seasons 52 5.2K on Saturday and had the most wonderful time. The course was flat, with few turns and takes you through a beautiful neighborhood.

Things I noticed:

- Winter Park has some beautiful houses.
- The festive atmosphere is very motivating. From the people in their driveways cheering us on, to the kid volunteers yelling and whooping as we passed by.
- Crossing the finish line was a mixture of relief, pride, and euphoria.

My stats were 38.49 chip time with an average of a 12 minute mile. This is pretty on target of where I wanted to be. At this point, my goal is to finish and enjoy myself. I did both.