My First Week Back To Work

This might sound crazy, but I am actually glad to be back to work.

I'm shocked cat


Don’t get me wrong, two months of sleeping late and watching more TV than normal was nice. It turns out I actually like leaving my house everyday and having an income. Having people other than cats to talk to during the day is also nice.

Tail The Cute Cat And All Of His Toys

(It is true that my house is full of nothing but cat furniture and toys.)

I am slowly getting adjusted to being on a regular schedule again. It will probably take a few weeks until I am completely acclimated into being around people in actual pants but I am getting there.

My first week was all over the place workout-wise.

Workouts First Week Back To Work

My running is way down but I did at least get one full body strength training session in. ( I did Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training.) It also demonstrated how much more frequently I need to strength train because the abs circuits nearly killed me. (I may have been swearing and had a cat staring at me like I was a crazy person.)

I joined a gym for the first time in a few years. It is halfway between work and home. The location is perfect because I have to drive by it to get to work. My plan is to get my easy and speed/tempo runs done on the treadmill before work. It is getting to that point in the year where the oppressive heat and humidity of Florida is wrecking my runs. I think the gym is the best solution to keep my mileage up. Plus, how can I skip going when I have to drive by the place twice a day?

I have no races in the near future and this is the first time in six months where I am not on a training plan. To keep my motivation going, I plan on running four days a week (two easy, one speed/tempo, and one long run) and doing strength training twice a week. The new gym offers Les Mills classes, so I want to give those a shot and see if I like any of them. I want to try spinning but do feel a bit intimidated by it. (I am scouring the internet for spinning for dummies type articles. My best bet is to tell the instructor I am new and have them help me get set-up.)

I did get my biopsy results back and I do not have cancer.

Liz Lemon High Fiving A Million Angels


Ch Ch Ch Changes

There are things I am good at like taking way too many pictures of my cats.

Cute Cat On Couch

Cat with blue eyes staring

(I take so many that J said that if there is ever a nuclear holocaust and a thousand years later aliens land and begin to rebuild, that they will find my hard drive and think Tail was some kind of deity.)

There are things I am bad at like actually strength training. I plan on doing it all the time but when push comes to shove, it often gets skipped. I can tell the difference because I am losing definition and feel weaker.



So here is what I am going to do about it. Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones twice a week.



I have had this DVD for a while but stopped using it because it is hard and it was difficult to fit 40 minutes of strength training in. While I am in job seeking mode, I have the time to do this without it impacting my running. My challenge, to myself if I choose to accept it, is to do this DVD twice a week for the next two months.

Ever stop a workout because it felt too hard? What workouts do you tend to skip?

My Two Left Feet Try Dance Trance

Orlando has lots of amazing exercise classes I want to try. From Aerial Arts, Barre 54, and every kind of Yoga you can think of. Most of my workouts consist of running but I love to cross train and need to incorporate different workouts for my body and my mental health. So when the opportunity to try Dance Trance popped up, I jumped on it.

Dance Trance is  a class that uses choreographed dance routines set to popular music. What makes it different from other dance fitness classes?

From the Dance Trance site:

The DT choreography is created in a manner that allows students to pick up combinations as they learn. The musical phrases (verses, chorus, bridge, and instrumentals) are all choreographed so that movements also repeat with the phrases. Although students learn many songs in a class, they are able to pick up on this method of teaching and learn the combinations as they are working out. This is the embodiment of the “DT routine”- originally choreographed combinations to original music by the original recording artist.

They do offer classes for different levels. The Break Down Class is where the routines are broken down slower. This makes it easier for those with two left feet like myself or anyone who just wants to make sure they are getting all the steps right. The standard class is called Dance Trance and it is for an intermediate to advanced level but requires no dance experience. This class you just follow the instructor.

Even just jumping in, I was able to (mostly) follow the instructors. When I could not, the class is so full of energy and joy, that it is impossible not to have a good time. I get nervous trying new things but everyone was really nice and supportive that even though the class had a mix of all levels, I never felt odd for being new.

I smiled and laughed (at myself) throughout the whole class. It was a great workout and I left super sweaty.

DT Orlando at Lululemon-44

Sweaty picture with Katy and Victoria.

Please check out the Lululemon Athletica Mall at Millennia Facebook page for a video and here for the really great pictures taken by Katy.

I had such a great time that I already made plans to attend a Break Down Class this week with a friend. Can’t wait!

When was the last time you tried something new?

Half Marathon Training Week 14 In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: 2.51 Miles

Tuesday: Total Body Circuit Training with Jackie Warner 40 Minutes Full Body

Wednesday: Elliptical 30 Minutes

Thursday: 2.56 Miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday:Last speed session of training plan. 6 x 800 repeats total of 5.27 Miles.


Doing the Jackie Warner DVD proved how much more frequently I need to do  more strength workouts. This DVD had gotten a bit easier but I am finding it challenging again. My training is winding down and as I write this I have nine days until my first Half. I am excited, scared, and happy all at the same time. It is interesting when something you have worked so hard for and planned for so long, starts to become so real.


1. On Sunday, 11/13, I am running my last long training run in the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Founder’s Day 10K. I am looking forward to this race because Celebration is one of my favorite places.

2. Relax and not stress about the upcoming Half. It is going to be fun and I know I will finish.

3. Sleep, eat, and stay hydrated all week.

J caught Tail doing this to the TV during Monday night football.

How do you stay relaxed the last week before a big race?

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Half Marathon Training Week 12 In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: Yoga 60 Minutes

Monday: 30 Day Shred Level One 20 Minutes

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3.03 Miles

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: A 5K That Was Not 3.1 Miles 2.35 Miles

Thoughts:The rain derailed my running this week. I felt pretty unmotivated last week in general because of some work stress but feel that the slower week was beneficial. This week, I am feeling renewed and ready to stay strong for the next few weeks leading to my first Half. Even though my 5K on Saturday wasn’t , I was on pace for a PR and was faster than my training plan calls for to run a 2:45 Half. Even though time is not important to me, I am in it to finish, it still feels good to be on the right track.

Some of you may remember how much I disliked the picture on the cover of Steve Jobs biography Steve Jobs.The picture bothers me. It is creepy and the eyes follow you like in a horror movie. (I of course am deeply sorry for Steve Jobs’ family and their loss but I could not resist sharing the two pictures below.)



J actually sent me this picture below. It is of Frank Gorshin who was the The Riddler in the original TV Batman. I cannot believe that this pose is a common one for book covers.

Frank Gorsin Steve Jobs Similar Picture

I would like to put it on official internet record that if I ever am on the cover of a book (not sure why I would be but lets pretend), I will find a way to pose that is not obnoxious.

How has your training gone this week?

Anything silly bothering you that you would like to get off your chest?

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Congrats to Becca who won a copy of The Swiss Cheese Theory Of Life. Please email your address to DinaRuns@Gmail.Com.

Half Marathon Training Week 11 In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: 30 Minutes Elliptical. 15 minutes Upper Body.

Monday: 10.05 Miles! (This is my personal distance record and I am still thrilled about this run.)

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 2.41 Miles

Thursday: 30 Day Shred Level 1

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.26 Miles

Thoughts: I feel really great mentally about getting over the double digit run hump. Lately, my strength training has gone out the window and I am starting to notice a difference in my level of strength. I need be more consistent but am having a hard time spending 40 to 60 minutes on a full body routine. Starting the 30 Day Shred again seemed like a good idea because it is short and I always see results.

My training plan calls for a 5K to access time goals. Ultimately, my goal is to finish the Half but I love to run 5K’s and this one is almost too good to be true.

The 2011 Margarita Run – 5K Urban Run & 1 Mile Walk.

Why is this race so perfect?

It’s near my house. (I normally drive upwards of an hour to race in Orlando.)

The race starts at 5:00 PM (It is late and close enough that J can actually attend and still get his studying done.)

It is for a really great cause.

Plus there is the promise of Margarita’s.

Do you have any upcoming fun races? Is it just me, or are small local races super fun?

The winner of the Eeyore Track Pants from OldGlory is Khourt from Life As A Convert. Send me an email to with your address and size. Thanks to all who entered, I really enjoyed reading about your favorite fall foods.

Half Marathon Training Week Ten In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: 2.33 Miles

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Was to sick to workout. Had a pretty bad cold and thought it best to take it easy.

Thursday: 3.15 Miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3.41 Miles

Thoughts: This week was rough. After last weeks low motivation and mileage week, I really wanted this week to be stronger but sometimes you get sick. Being sick, coupled with a massively stressful work announcement, made my body non-functional.

I was lucky to get some really good advice from a more experienced runner this week that made me feel better. Just worry about finishing. I am not fast and I am still a new runner, finishing a half marathon will be a huge accomplishment for me and I am OK with that.

Now I am ready to get to work for Week 11. I have two days off this week and will enjoy every second of it.

A few race pictures from the Miracle Miles 15K. Pictures courtesy of TIP Films.

What I noticed about the pictures:

Do I ever stop looking at my Garmin? My last race, I forgot to stop it until well over the finish line, so this one I was obsessively saying turn off watch like some kind of crazed mantra as I crossed the finish line. Does not make for a cool race photo.

When I spot the cameraman (which I must have in the final picture), I don’t look all that terrible when I run.





How do you handle a training week when you are sick?

Half Marathon Training Week Nine In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: Yoga 60 Minutes

Monday: Elliptical 30 Minutes

Tuesday: 3.22 Miles

Wednesday: Yin Yoga 90 Minutes

Thursday: 2.34 Miles

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest (I had to work the entire day for Year End.)

Thoughts:I did not do the speed training scheduled for Saturday. I thought I could do it before I went into the office but slept too late. My strength training has dropped off a cliff in the last few weeks, I need to schedule it in and actually do it. This was a very low mileage week, I want to go back to adding a fourth day of running. I felt fine doing that as long as it was at an easy pace.

Goals for the coming weeks:

1. Stick to the plan.

2. Make time for strength training.

3. Keep going to Yoga.

I had some fun playing with my new camera this week. Some of the pictures I took.


Balloon is going to get you.

Tail & The Baloon

I control this balloon with my glowy eyes.


Through a window. It seemed like a good idea.


My neighbors think I am strange because I am taking pictures of the street.

How do you handle having an off week?

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Half Marathon Training Week Seven In Review

You can follow my previous weeks training and current DVD rotation on my Workouts page.

Sunday: One Hour Yoga. One Hour Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 2.38 Miles

Wednesday: 30 Minutes on the Elliptical

Thursday: 2.94 Miles

Friday: 2.23 Miles (First lunch time run!)

Saturday: 4.09 Miles

Total Miles: 11.64 Miles

Goal Miles: 20 Miles

Thoughts: I want to change my training plan. I am not making the weekly mileage and I really do not want to run more than four days per week. Consistently not making my weekly mileage is not helping my confidence for the Half.

Looking through my running books, my new plan will have longer long runs and shorter easy runs. I think this will be more manageable.

I did attend another Sunday Yoga class and am still enjoying it. I think Sunday after my long run is the perfect time and my legs are feeling great.

Week 8

Sunday: Yoga 90 Minutes

Monday: 30 Minutes on the Elliptical

Tuesday: Run for 45 Minutes Easy Pace

Wednesday: Full body strength

Thursday: Run for 45 Minutes Easy Pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Miracle Miles 15K! (Will be my first race longer than a 5K and the longest distance I have ever run.) Will be treating this race as a long run and enjoying myself.


How is your training going? Am I crazy switching plans halfway through training?

Workouts On The Quick

Do you ever have a day where you know you should work (or maybe run because you are training for a half marathon)? Today was one of those days.



My legs have been tight and just off feeling all week. So I hopped on my elliptical and zoned out watching a documentary on the Netflix. Easy, quick, and still sweaty.

New TV starts this week! I love TV almost as much as I love my cats, so I thought I would share my must watch new shows list.

Speaking of cats.

Cat Stretch

1. Terra Nova Steven Spielberg, Sci-Fi, and Dinosaurs.

2.  The Secret Circle They had me at based on a teen series and witches. I love me some supernatural teen novels (see my love of The Nine Lives of Chloe King and The Vampire Diaries.)

3. Ringer Buffy is back on TV.

4. The X Factor I stopped watching American Idol a few years ago but this show might capture my interest. Plus who doesn’t love Simon?

5. American Horror Story It’s a thriller, critics are loving it, and it is co-created by Ryan Murphy of Glee and Nip/Tuck fame.

6. Prime Suspect I really need a new cop drama and this one Maria Bello looks good. Great cast and a remake of a successful British series, I have high hopes for this one.

Do you have a go to workout for easy days?

What shows are you excited about for fall?

The folks at TV.Com compiled an awesome printable calendar (which is replacing the spread sheet I usually make every year because I am an insane person.) You can find it here.