Yoga Routine For Runners

The last few months of weekly yoga has helped my legs feel fresh even with an increase in mileage. I picked up the following routine from Yoga Pointe, Inc. and have been doing it after every run. It really is helping with recovery time and preventing my legs from feeling stiff.

Taking care of your body after you run is so important. This Yoga routine for runners plus lots of foam rolling has helped me stay healthy during this most recent training cycle.

Hero’s Pose

Hero's Pose

Remain here for five deep breaths. Tuck your toes under and continue with the upper body stretches.

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-Facing Dog

Child’s Pose

Child's Pose

Come onto hand’s and knees with knees below your hips and hands slightly forward of your shoulders. Go into Downward-Facing dog hold for five breaths and then come to child’s pose for three breaths. Repeat three times.

Low Lunge

Low Lunge

From Downward-Facing Dog, step into a low lunge. Hold for five breaths and continue to the next pose on the same side.

Warrior II

Warrior Two

Hold for five breaths.

Pyramid Pose

Pyramid Pose

This one is a modification in which you fold halfway down with your torso parallel to the ground and your arms behind your back. Hold for five breaths. Go back to Downward-Facing Dog and repeat on the opposite side.

Seated Twist

Seated Twist

Hold for five breaths and then repeat on the opposite side.

Cobblers Pose

Cobblers Pose

Hold for five breaths.

Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall Pose

Hold for 15-20 breaths.

Are there any poses or stretches that you find beneficial?

All pictures from Yoga Journal.

I have no yoga certification and this routine is an example of one that I do. Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Gratitude Birthday Style

My 30th birthday celebrations have so far been amazing. (I say so far because there is a fancy schmancy dinner coming up for the weekend. Stay tuned.)

J gave me my gift on Saturday after the race.

Canon Rebel

Words cannot express how excited I am to be able to take better pictures for this blog and to actually learn how to use this camera. (If you are a regular reader, please brace yourself for lots of cat pictures. They are the only people in my house who will let me practice on them.)

On my actual birthday, my friends at work cooked up an elaborate scheme including a fake fight and pretending to forget. to get me out to lunch. Well the pretending to forget was ruined when a coworker came up with a balloon and donuts while wishing me a happy birthday. It was pretty funny because no one knew what to do. Continue with their elaborate ruse or admit defeat? So surprise ruined but there was still more to come.

At noon we drove over to Saffran, a new Icelandic restaurant in Orlando. It is an interesting concept, all the menu items are less than 685 calories and they do not use any white sugar, white flour, or artificial additives.

When we got to the restaurant, I was met by these smiling faces.

2011-09-28 12.34.15

Wendy and Norka.

2011-09-28 12.34.37

Jen, Me, and Emily.

They even yelled surprise when Norka and I walked in.

On the table was another surprise.

2011-09-28 12.33.19

It says 30 Sucks!

It was made by the very creative Emily (who I would totally let decorate my house) and filled with 30 maple syrup lollipops. This New Englander loves all things maple, so that was a wonderful surprise.

I also got a card with a cat on it. Maple candy, healthy food, and cats, they know me well.

When I got home, there was a surprise on my desk.

HP Touchpad

J and I were lucky to get two HP Touchpads during the great fire sale but only one showed up. J told me the order for the other one was cancelled but it wasn’t. I am having a lot of fun playing around with this new toy.

I finished my day by attending a yoga class at Groundwork Yoga. It was supposed to be a beginner class but by popular request, it was a Yin Yoga class. The class was interesting because you hold the poses for three to five minutes and this is supposed to help with flexibility and brings a kind of meditative quality to the practice because of the stillness. I really enjoyed the class and it did wonders for my super tight runners legs.

I have so much to be grateful for. Wonderful friends, a great husband, and my health. It has been a very happy birthday.

What are you grateful for?

What is you favorite type of Yoga?

Fitness Friday Blog Hop

Like A Virgin

On Saturday, tons of Central Florida peeps got their Yoga on at Rasa- Lila Fest. I sadly was not able to attend because of a previous commitment. Yoga is something I have tried a few times watching online videos and DVD’s but have really wanted to attend a class. Looking at all the great pictures from Saturday and the tightness of my legs from Long Run Saturday, I found a studio that offers classes on Sundays.

Yoga Pointe

Yoga Pointe offers a community class for $5. I explained when I arrived that I was a newbie and she said I would be fine. I sat right up front, to make sure I could watch her closely. The class was small so there was time for individual attention for those who needed it (this girl). Getting to attend a class was much better than using DVD’s because I actually felt like I understood what was going on. It was a great and relaxing way to ease out of the weekend.

I think this community class will be my permanent date on Sundays because my body has lost all the soreness from Saturdays seven miles.

This also knocks another one off my 30 Before 30 list.

13. Take an exercise class no matter how silly I think I might look. (Plus I didn’t even look silly.)

After I got home, I wanted to do a little cardio and popped in a new (to me) DVD.



Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is no joke. I was dripping in sweat and breathing heavy throughout the entire DVD. This one will definitely be in regular rotation on non-running days.

Did you do anything new this week-end?

Please check out these posts about Rasa-Lila Fest, they might inspire you to go to a yoga class too.

Om Shanti Om from Peas In A Blog

We Are One from Katy Widrick

Peace, Love, and Yoga from Meals and Miles

Rasa-Lila Yoga Festival from Running Peanut

Weekly Workouts for 7/3/11

Excuse the late start but planning my workouts last week was so helpful, I want to make sure I continue to do so.

Sunday: Elliptical 40 minutes & Pilates DVD 20 Minutes

Monday: Easy Run 3.4 miles in 50 minutes

Tuesday: Power Circuit Training with Jackie Warner 40 Minutes  

Wednesday: Hill Repeats x 3 & Easy run for 2 miles

Thursday: Nike Training Club & Core work

Friday: Rest (and eat for Subway Friday)

Saturday: Long Run for 5 miles & Core work

My core is an area I want to focus on. It is weaker than other areas and can use a good toning up. A few ideas to add to the rotation from around the internet.

No Crunch Abs from Oxygen Magazine

Jamie Eason’s Abs Workout from Oxygen Magazine

Lola Jones’ Core Workout from Runner’s World

John Lythe Core from

Do you have an awesome core routine you would like to share?

Do you have a specific area you are working on?

Heather from Dietitian on the Run is hosting a July Yoga Challenge. I will be participating because I do not do yoga frequently but would like to. Doing exercises outside of your comfort zone not only keep things fresh but help you stay in shape.

Do you Yoga?

I want to learn. I have purchased a few beginners DVD’s and tried to follow along but I think attending a class with a teacher who will give me more personal attention would be better. Looking into different studios in the Orlando/Kissimmee area and I find myself overwhelmed with the type Power/Bikram/Flow/Hatha?! Not sure which direction to go.


In other news, how can you take a Friday (the most glorious day of the workweek) and improve it?

1. Make it a Friday before a three-day weekend.

2. Allow your employees to wear jeans.

3. Give your employees free food,

I will be having all of those things tomorrow and it should prove to be a great day.  

Do you do Yoga? What type?