My Quest For A Sub-30 Minute 5K Race Number Two

On Saturday, I ran race two out of four in the Lakeland Runner’s Club Watermelon 5K. This series is the first in almost a year where I focused on the 5K and really improving my speed.

Lakeland Runner'ds Club Watermelon 5K Number 2

(Can you see me with my game face on?)

Saturday started out like many race mornings which is dark and much to early. This race being a part of a series I remembered how to get there which made the drive over uneventful. (I did forget which street I parked on and wondered around looking for my car for 15 minutes.) The lines for the number and timing chip pick-up were shorter than the first race. I met up with Faith, who has the same time goal and used to run this route when she lived in this area. I haven’t run with anyone since Miracle Miles last September, so having someone to talk to while waiting for the race to start was really great.

My training has gone really well and I have been pushing myself until I got sick. So sick, I had to take ten days off from exercising and was only able to run again a few days before the race. I do not think that gave me enough time to recover and be back in racing shape.

After the first mile, I knew there was no chance I could run a sub-30. I felt horrible and just could not push myself to go any faster. At the 1.5 mile mark, I told Faith that she should try to salvage her race and go ahead. I knew I would need more walk breaks and did not want to ruin anyone else’s race.

Even though this race was disappointing, there was a silver lining.

The Good:

Running with Faith

Seeing baby ducks (so cute!)

Pancakes afterwards

Lake Hollingsworth (so beautiful!)

Running after a time of forced rest always feels really great

The Bad:

Not making my goal

The weather (it has been raining non-stop because of the tropical storm in the Gulf.)


(Why so serious?)

Chip time 33.01

Lakeland Runners Club Watermelon 5K Number 2

I knew this race was going to be difficult and that my chances of reaching my goal were slim. I am so close and have hope that race number three is the lucky one.

How do you come back from disappointment?