I Have A Secret…The Lying Game

I really do have a secret that is a little bit embarrassing.

I love ABC Family.

Yes, they have cheesy shows like The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. Not really a fan. I also do not want to talk about ABC Family cancelling Jane By Design which I really loved.

One of my favorite shows, which is a complete guilty pleasure, is The Lying Game. The winter premier was on last night (when did TV networks start doing winter premiers?) I had to get reacquainted with this guy.

Ethan Whitehourse The Lying Game Hot


Ethan Whitehourse The Lying Game Blair Redford


Oh Ethan Whitehorse, please be my boyfriend. My husband won’t mind.

Do you know what the number one Google Image Search that gets to my blog? Ethan Whitehorse which leads to this picture.

Ethan Whitehorse The Lying Game

So I know I am not the only one who appreciates Blair Redford in all of his Ethan Whitehorse glory.

Are you cheesy like me and enjoy ABC Family? Agree that Blair Redford is super hot?