Keeping It Positive

J actually told me I am the second most negative person he knows the other day. Even being in league with the person he ranked as number one is frightening enough to force me to reevaluate how I think about things. I do not want to be negative nor do I mean to be but my mind really tends to skew that way. So in an attempt to be less negative, I want to focus on the positive at least once a week.

If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change


Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Season 3 HBO


The Walking Dead finale and Game Of Thrones premier on the same night is really the best present TV could give me. J and I have already discussed which one we will watch on Sunday and The Walking Dead it is. I hope we get to see the Governor get his head chopped off.

Speaking of The Walking Dead have you seen this?

You Should Have Taken His Truck


So true. I would do just about anything to avoid being locked in a torture chair.

Law School

J is almost done with law school. After three long years, my husband is this close to graduating. Then comes the nightmare that is bar study but I just know he is going to do well.

Cold Weather

Not real cold weather but Florida cold weather. It gives the cats an extra excuse to cuddle and Tail loves to burrow under blankets. So freaking cute.

Tail Cat Stares At You

Cute Bed Cat

Cat In Shirt

Unemployed But Looking On The Bright Side

Being unemployed is difficult. Losing your regular routine, spending time scouring the internet for jobs, and the lack of human contact can be trying. I try to take each day and remind myself that things are going to get better and to reflect on the positives.

Less Crowded Movie

When most people are at work today, I will be watching a matinee of The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games Movie Poster


I cannot express how excited I am to see it. Fingers crossed that it lives up to the high expectations.

New Shoes

The Track Shack holds a Spring Sale in March from the 19th-24th. I received a gift card for new sneakers for Christmas and was waiting until I really needed them to use it. This week I drove into Orlando to get the shoes but sadly they were all out in my size. They were able to order them and hopefully will have them in next week.

Ascics GT-2170


I have worn the Asics GT- 21XX series since I was originally fitted for sneakers. So far, I have not had any issues or injuries. My current pair of 2160’s are on their last leg, so I cannot wait for the new ones to get here.

New Make-up

Maybelline Color Tatoo by Eyestudio

I love make-up and read about Maybelline Color Tattoo By Eyestudio cream shadows on a few make-up blogs.(The colors shown here are Bad to the Bronze and Painted Purple.)

CVS has Maybelline eye shadows on sale, plus I had two $1 off coupons and Extra Care Bucks to spend. I got these two for $4 with $3 in Extra Care Bucks back. Great deal plus fun new make-up to play with is something I can look forward to.