Disney and A New Restaurant

J and I finally renewed our Disney passes. We put it off during August because it is so freaking hot here and no one wants to be outside waiting in lines sweating like a pig.

Sadly, last weekend was super busy at Disney, so all we were able to do was walk around. The great part of living here and having annual passes is if you do go on a day with tons of other people, just walking around is fine.

We were really excited to see the open parts of the Fantasyland expansion. One of the many circus-themed signs.

Fantasyland Expansion Circus Sign

Fantasyland Expansion Welcome Sign

This area had lots of new rides and a water area for the little ones.

J in front of one of the many retro circus signs.

Old Circus Sign Fantasyland Disney New Area

Cinderella’s fountain.

Disney Cinderella Fountain

Inscription next to the fountain.

Disney Cinderella Fountain Sign

The castle.

Disney Castle Magickingdom

J trying his luck at the sword in the stone. This picture was fun to take, I kept giving instructions like make it look like you’re straining. People may have been staring.

Sword In The Stone

The sign.

Disney Sword in the stone sign

I took a picture of this sign because I am five and the word nugget makes me giggle.

Disneyworld funny sign

After walking through the crowds of people pushing strollers, we needed to eat. Of course because we left it to the last-minute we could not get reservations anywhere in the parks. We decided to go over to the Boardwalk and see what we could scrounge up.

Cat Cora has a new to us restaurant called Kouzzina by Cat Cora that looked promising. Sadly, it had a very long wait. We decided to try our luck with one of the restaurants at The Dolphin Hotel and found another new to us restaurant called Todd English’s BlueZoo. We were able to sit at the bar at BlueZoo, so no waiting required.

The bar menu’s are tablets.

BlueZoo Bar Menu Tablet

BlueZoo Bar Menu Tablet 2

The food was really good and it looks like they have some crazy happy hour specials. J and I will definitely be paying Todd English’s BlueZoo another visit.