Race Day Nerves

So tomorrow this is happening.

Celebration Marathon Half Marathon

I have not been this freaked out and nervous about a race since maybe my first 5K.

So what makes Half Marathon number six so particularly scary?

I have a nagging pain in my right leg that has bothered me since around Christmas. As race day got closer, I decided to take time off from running to see if it would get better on its own. So my peak week of training I did not run at all. The following week I ran a modified training schedule, pretty much eliminating all speed work, and felt uncomfortable but passable. Going into the taper week, I ran 12 miles on Saturday. Felt fine for the 12 miles but my pace is definitely slower. Rested completely until Friday which I used as a test run. My leg still hurts, but I was able run. Today (Saturday) I ran a three-mile shakeout which felt better but not 100%.

I think one of the worst feelings is being unprepared and that is exactly how I feel about this race.

So what to do?

I want to run it because I am cheap and I paid for it.

I want to run it because it is an inaugural race in a town that I love to run in.

It is so disappointing because this training cycle was going so well. The last race I ran in 2013 was a PR that put me on target to PR on this race. That is just not going to happen tomorrow.

So game change, I plan on running for fun tomorrow. If I have to walk because my leg hurts I will. Celebration is a beautiful place to run and I will enjoy my surroundings.

Celebration Running Bridge

Celebration Palm Trees

Celebration Running Path

Have you ever decided not to run a race?

Valentine’s Day Part Two

On Saturday, J and I finally made it to Chalet Suzanne in Lake Wales. We have been meaning to eat there for years but never managed to. Chalet Suzanne has a fascinating history and has been around since 1931 which is incredible in Florida.

To get to the restaurant, you turn down a long drive that leads to this interesting collection of buildings (there is an Inn and Spa plus the dining rooms that make-up the property.)

Chalet Suzanne Exterior

Chalet Suzanne Exterior at night

We might be dorks but both felt that this door was very Hobbit-like.

Chalet Suzanne Yellow Door

Chaley Suzanne Lake Wales Historic Place

Walking into the restaurant, there are tons of antique accents.

Chalet Suzanne Interior

We would love to come back just to get a better look around.

J found this and thought it was hilarious.

Chalet Suzanne Florida

Each table setting was different and really pretty. I particularly liked mine.

Chalet Suzanne Vintage Plate

J started with the Caramelized Grapefruit and Organic Chicken Liver.

He loved it especially the chicken liver.

Then there was the Escargot Cappuccino.

So cute and delicate in a teacup with the puff pastry hanging over the edge. It had loads of garlic and the paring with the puff pastry was delicious.

J then had the famous Moon Soup (otherwise known as Romaine.)

They call it Moon Soup because it was taken on Apollo 15 to the moon in 1973.

This soup was a real standout and J loved it.

We both ordered salads but it started to get dark and the pictures for both came out awful. J had the Caesar and I had the Baby Blend with Citrus & Pear.

For entrees, J ordered the Maine Lobster Newburg. He had done some research into how Lobster Newburg is made and was really looking forward to trying it. (Some information about Lobster Newburg if you are curious like J.)

The waiter breaks up the contents in the bowl and puts it over the puff pastry. J loved this dish and would highly recommend it.

I had the crab cakes.

I prefer crab cakes served with tartar sauce but these were decent. If you like crab cakes, these definitely will do the trick.

We grabbed our desserts to go because the service was a bit on the slow side and we were both getting tired.

Overall, I liked Chalet Suzanne but found it to be a tad over priced. (J’s Ketel One martini’s were $18 each.) The atmosphere is really beautiful and romantic, so come early to walk around and take pictures. We are planning a return visit to try more of the interesting dishes on the menu.

Long Run Saturday

Long Run Saturday has been a success so far. I actually woke up early enough to beat the Florida heat and humidity. The torrential rains last night, made the humidity that was around much more bearable.

I have run in Celebration before but usually start off further from town. This time I was able to run through the wooded areas and it was glorious.

Bridge through the woods and swamp.

Celebration Running Bridge

Running path.

Celebration Running Path

One of the many ponds.

Celebration Pond

A bridge over more water.

Celebration Bridge

It wouldn’t be Florida, without palm trees.

Celebration Palm Trees

Artisan Park.

Celebration Artisan Park

The Bohemian Hotel Celebration from a distance.

Celebration Hotel

Obligatory Garmin shot.

Garmin Time

Seven miles! My longest run in a very long time. Long enough to make me feel ready for the 15K in two weeks.

Sadly, this run was amazing minus one thing. I forgot my fuel at home and home is far enough away that turning around was impossible.

I ended the run at Starbucks because I was starving.

Non-fat latte.


Two Moms in the Raw bar. I had never had one before but it was pretty good. Would eat it again.

Two Moms In The Raw

Did you get a good workout on in today?

Any thoughts on raw food bars? Good or gross?

Bloggers Invade El Bodegon

Wednesday night, I went out on a work night (trust me, this is a shocking occurrence.) I was lucky to get to break bread with a lovely group of Central Florida Bloggers.

We ate at a local Spanish restaurant called El Bodegon. The restaurant would be great for a date night, very cozy and romantic. I had a salad and chicken that was cooked in garlic and lemon.

El Bodegon Chicken

I really liked the salad but the chicken was just OK. I did love the many olive’s on both dishes, can rarely go wrong with those.

(The pictures below are courtesy of Michelle and her camera that takes very nice pictures.)

Central Florida Lady Bloggers 2

(An actual picture of me, please be amazed.)

Central Florida Lady Bloggers 3

Central Florida Lady Bloggers

(Photo below courtesy of Claudia.)

blogger 2

I had a lot of fun and was also able to check off something from my 30 Before 30 List.

12. Do one thing that makes me uncomfortable (like introducing myself to people) and get comfortable with it.

I am not shy exactly but meeting new people and putting myself “out there” can make me anxious but it is something I want to do more of. Plus the more you do anything, the easier it gets.

Please take a moment to check out the women above and their blogs.

Kristina from Love and Zest

Claudia from Sanford 365

Roz from Roz Pearcy

Michelle from Crazy*Running*Legs

Jackie from MomJovie

Carolina from Peas In A Blog (She also sent me the invite. Thanks!)

Katherina from Zephyr Runs

Andrea from Run, Eat, Date, Sleep

Have you ever attended a blogger meet-up?

Do you ever get anxious meeting new people?