My Attempt And Fail At Weight Training

I am still very new at weight training. I am enjoying learning new exercises and watching my body change. As I follow The New Rules Of Lifting For Women, I am continually pushing past my comfort zone and starting to feel more comfortable lifting weights.

Having just progressed into Stage Two (finally was really starting to get bored in Stage One) there is a new exercise introduced in Workout A, the Front Squat/Push Press. It may be me but this is the worlds most awkward strength move.

My issue has something to do with my elbows and resting the bar on the front of my shoulders. I get that the bar should be in on my fingers and not the palm but it feels so uncomfortable.

I have watched a million YouTube videos and googled this move relentlessly. I even spent 30 minutes practicing in the group fitness room at the gym. I will get this move right if it kills me.

I do not look at all like this.

A few other resources I found in my obsessive internet searching

Hang Clean Front Squat Push Presses from Men’s Health

Barbell Front Press To Push Press from fitbie

Any advice on the arm and hand position on the front squat? Do you usually give-up or keep practicing until you get it right?