Goals For The Red Ribbon Half Marathon

One of the best parts of a taper week, is the time it gives you to focus on your goals and reflect on your training. This training cycle I did so many things I hadn’t done before. I ran with a group, did lots of hills, and actually did track workouts. Did it all pay off? Hard to say before the race but I feel strong and as prepared as I can be.

Running Motivation Being Slow


A Goal:


My running coach thinks this is a stretch. The course for The Red Ribbon Half Marathon is challenging. There are lots of steep (for Florida) hills. One particular hill, on Johnson Avenue, is toward the end of the race. My long runs have all taken on the same roads as the race and this particular hill is haunting me.

Luckily, I am running flat as a pancake Celebration Half Marathon at the end of January. Getting to 2:15 there will be a lot easier, so I am not stressed about that particular goal for Saturday. What my plan is, to start with the 2:25 pacer and see if I have more in the tank to drop down to faster pace in the last few miles. This way I should finish strong.

B Goal:


As of right now, my Half Marathon PR is 2:23:05 which I ran at the Gasparilla Distance Classic in February of 2013. (This is also the race where I peed on myself. So yeah, I would like to have my half PR be from a different race.) I am faster this training cycle, so I am pretty sure I can beat this current PR.

Other Goals:

Negative Splits

I am not a smart racer. I always go out to fast and pay for it at the end. Pacing myself, saving something for the killer hills at the end is important.

Staying strong on the hills

I want to stay strong running the hills. One tip I read recently in Runner’s World was to think of keeping the same effort not the same pace. It also mentioned counting ten steps after you reach the peak of a hill because often people reach that point and slow down significantly. Those ten steps really help to keep the momentum going.

Not having to pee

My small bladder is my running nemesis. Ask anyone that runs with me, I need to pee right before I go out or I am in trouble. I need to find the perfect medium of being hydrated before the race but not having a full bladder. I do not think there will be room for a bathroom stop during this race and I do not want to lose the time. I also do not want to spend the whole race wondering if I have to go or should stop.


Just as with the goal of negative splits, I tend to run at many different paces. This is something I am trying to work on during my training runs but staying consistent is difficult for me.

So, there it is. All of my goals for the Red Ribbon Half Marathon for all of the internets to see. Wish me luck.

30 Before 30 An Update And A Call To Action

My 30th birthday has come and gone. It was mostly pretty wonderful. I received many cool gifts and my friends were super sweet and made me feel extra special.

My 30 Before 30 List. Let’s look at what I did accomplish.

4. Run a 15K.

I ran the Miracle Miles 15K and it was amazing. (I need to remember to do something cool the next time I cross a finish line, not just playing with my Garmin.)



12. Do one thing that makes me uncomfortable (like introducing myself to people) and get comfortable with it.

I attended my first Orlando Lady Bloggers Dinner and had the best time. It did make me nervous but I am so glad I went.

Central Florida Lady Bloggers

17. Learn how to use WordPress.

Working on this one. I have a book on my HP Touchpad and am wading through it. Would like to revisit this at a later time.

18. Learn basic photography.

I just got my new camera and am loaded up with photography books. This is a work in project but I will get there.

Canon Rebel

25. Get prints of my wedding photos and put them up in the house.

I have not purchased the prints yet but have narrowed it down and know which ones I want.

26. One day of complete positivity.

A entire day is hard for this glass half emptier but I am working on it.

13. Take an exercise class no matter how silly I think I might look.

I have started to take at least one Yoga class a week. Not sure what took me so long.

22. Reach out to an old friend.

I have recently reconnected with an old friend (and Social Media maven), Becca. She is starting to do stand-up and has the funniest twitter, you should follow her at BohoPoetGirl.

9. Paint the house. 3. Get my office decorated and organized.

I need to do these two desperately. We built this house in 2007 and it is not decorated at all. I have thought of featuring some projects on here to get some feedback because decorating does not come easy to me and my budget is minimal.


I did not accomplish as many things on this list as I wanted to but the story does not end there. Having goals is important and that is one of the main things that attracted me to running. I am at a point in my life where my career is stagnant and I am in a holding pattern to move onto the next phase (as I wait for J to finish Law School). Having mileage and race goals really helps. On my first go around with this list, people commented that they would be interested in their own lists. Now is your chance to join me to reach your own goals or at least have fun trying.

I would like to start each week with at least one goal, it can be short or long-term, fun or serious and everyone can post about trying to obtain it. Would you join me?

What is your goal for this week? Mine is to focus on a plan to get the house in order.

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