TV You Should Be Watching



Once Upon A Time is a show that integrates fairy tales with the present day. It starts with Emma Swan, who was orphaned a as a baby and is now working as a bail bondsman. She is fierce, tough, and beautiful. Emma is surprised by the ten year old son she gave up for adoption who tells her a fantastical tale of Storybrooke, Maine where all the residents are characters from fairy tales but they do not know it. Emma is there only hope.

I loved every second of the pilot. The story set-up was clear, the ensemble cast was strong,and the costumes and make-up were stunning. I have high hopes for Once Upon A Time and hope that future weeks are as strong.



Homeland is full of current events (War on Terror) and spying coupled with a returned POW and an intelligence officer who has some sort of mental disorder. It is fast-paced and exciting. Definitely a must see!

There is one contestant on the X Factor who confuses me. I do not think that Chris Rene

Am I missing something here? The judges have gushed about Chris from day one and even Simon was singing his praises last night.

What are your must watch shows?

Who is your favorite on the X Factor?