Ironman Florida Haines City

Did you know that Lance Armstrong came to my town to race?

Lance Armstrong Wins Ironman Florida Haines City


Ironman Florida moved to Haines City for the next five years because of construction at Disney. This means for the next four years, endurance athletes (and enthusiasts) descend on my favorite park for one week-end in May.

These have popped up all over town for the weeks leading up to Ironman Florida.

J and I decided to check out the race expo. It was the first one I ever attended that was held outside. There was a decent mix of vendors but the amount of food vendors was exciting.

Newton was represented by the FITniche crew.

The walkway which is a part of my regular running route.

It’s hard to make out but one of the swimming cutouts was actually in Lake Eva. One of the complaints by racers was that the water of Lake Eva was only eight feet deep. We have not had much in the way of rain in the past few months.

Another walkway shot and one of the amazing food vendors at the expo.

The results board.

Swim map.

The running route must have been boring. To fit in 13.1 miles, the route needed to be repeated three times. Not sure I would like to run a half that way.

Bike route (much more interesting than the running route.)

Bike area with one bike.

The expo had a great turnout and I am so happy for other people to see the beauty that is Lake Eva. I feel privileged that I live in a community that has such a beautiful park.

Things That Are Awesome

Regular readers know that I have a lot going on with recently being laid off. I am working so hard at keeping positive. This past week, I have had a lot of good news and wanted to share.


(Just kidding, I do not think I am famous now.)

I got my picture in the paper. (I am in the pink. The sign in the foreground, is the sign with my story on it.)



I spoke to the reporter and was quoted in the article.


I had so much fun and was glad to be able to participate.


New Books Speak Emma Pretties The Rules of Inheritance

One $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble and lots of browsing in store. I love to read and love to buy books. Book stores are my favorite of any kind of store and I can spend hours in one. (I do know that my choice in books is all over the map, no need to judge.)

Having more time on my hands and a goal of reading 100 books in 2012, I am digging right in. It’s a great way to spend time when you are avoiding spending money plus it takes my mind off my present lack of employment.

Ironman 70.3 Florida

I saw on a local blog that not only is Ironman Florida moving to my small town in Central Florida but they will be here for the next five years. This year, Lance Armstrong will be competing. My first thought is how can I volunteer for this?

I am just so proud that so many athletes will get to enjoy how beautiful Lake Eva is. I feel so lucky to run there regularly.

Ironman Haines City

Ironman 70.3 Florida

Anything awesome happen to you lately?