Love At First Bark: How Saving A Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself



Julie Klam takes the stories of dogs she rescued and gives us glimpses into the life that occurred around them. We learn about her marriage, which hints at some strain in the opening but is clearly full of love. The adventures she shares with her husband over rescuing dogs, is funny and often touching. It brings them together but it also drives him a little nuts. The relationship feels very real.

We meet a pit-bull who is abandoned in NYC and the lengths Julie goes through to get her placed. This story was particularly touching as someone who grew up with pit-bulls and the experience that J and I had this year with our very own pit-bull rescue. We also live in an area where stray pit-bulls are put to sleep by animal control if they catch them. With the economy in the state it is and having such limited funds, it is difficult to find places that are willing to take these dogs. Luckily, J came to the rescue and was able to place the sweet dog we found into a forever home. This experience really allowed me to understand why the author is so enthusiastic about recues, the feeling when you know you saved a dog from certain death, is an amazing one.

The author learned how brave she was when chasing a puppy with a pickle jar on her head through the swamps of New Orleans and how much she would rather rescue dogs in NYC. She learns through one rescue named Clemmie, who had a pooping problem, that sometimes all you can do is make someone happy and comfortable at the end. That even if you cannot solve every problem, just trying and offering what you can, can be good enough.

I really like Julie Klam, she is funny, tells great stories, and is very likeable. For animal lovers who like to peer into the lives of others, you will enjoy Love At First Bark: How Saving A Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself as much as I did.

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