I take so many pictures of my cats that if cats ever go extinct, there are enough pictures on my hard drive to document to all of humanity how they existed.

I give you Tail who is super cute but a huge jerk. (I can just see him defending himself in this picture. Claiming his utter lack of jerkiness.)

Cute Cat Sleeping In Bed

He will only sleep at the highest point of any room or facing a door so he can see (and control) who enters or exits. He is a control freak cat who needs to know everything that is going on in his universe (otherwise known as our house.)

Alia is quieter. She spends most of her time hiding or running from Tail. If you asked her if Tail should leave, she would emphatically say yes. (Doesn’t she look so serious? I always imagine if she could speak, she would have an upper-crust British accent.)

Alia The Cat Staring

Tail is very photogenic. (Maybe vain is the right word?) He always looks so peaceful and calm in pictures but really is demonic on the inside.

Tail the Cute Cat 52

J and I hope you have a very Happy Caturday!