Trying To Plan

Every year I swear I will turn into a more organized person who plans things well in advanced. Sometimes I succeed and other times I end up paying the most expensive entry fee to a race because I waited to the last minute to register. I am going to do better this year.

Organized Sommee Card

So here it is for all of the internet to see my tentative race plan for the remainder of 2014.

Race The Bar Lakeland Bar Association 5K

Race The Bar is a run/walk 5K on April 26 at 6PM in Lakeland, Florida. It is an evening race, so that should be fun. It has a post race party with food, drinks, and door prizes. J actually did an internship with the Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. which is one of the race sponsors.

The Lakeland Runner’s Club 5K Watermelon series takes place on June 7, June 28, July 26, and August 23. $30 for four races that are always a ton of fun. This is my third year running this series and I know it will be a highlight of my summer running. This race also takes place in Lakeland, Florida around the beautiful Lake Hollingsworth.

Miracle Miles in Orlando Florida

Miracle Miles is one of the few 15K’s in Central Florida. I ran it once years ago and love the distance. The date for 2014 has not yet been announced but it normally is in September and will fit nicely into a fall half training plan. Miracle Miles is in Orlando, Florida.,

Red Ribbon Half Marathon & Run

The InnerAct Alliance Red Ribbon Half Marathon & Run is the only half marathon in Lakeland. This race is hilly (for Florida) course and I had so much fun running it last year. (Last years race report for those who are interested.) They are offering those who ran the inaugural race an entry for $45 if they register before April 13th. At that price for a half, it is impossible to say no.

So that’s my race plan for the rest of 2014. Not overly ambitious but it should be a lot of fun and I am hoping to cut a decent amount of time off of my 5K PR,.

This Week In Working Out

It’s getting to be that time of the year when the real training begins. I need to start getting used to being on a schedule. Here is my first attempt in a while to plan out my workouts.

Monday -

Rest day

I have a meeting after work where the local Democratic candidates for the U.S. House Of Representatives are speaking. The speakers will be Alan Grayson, Val Demings, and Will Bronson. I am lucky to have heard both Val Demings and Alan Grayson speak before and know it will be a great meeting. I usually don’t get home until 9 from these meetings and there is no time to workout. It works out because I probably do not take as many rest days as I should.

Tuesday -

Morning – The New Rules Of Lifting For Women Stage One Workout B Number Five

The New Rules Of Lifting For Women Lou Schuler Cassandra Forsythe Alwyn Cosgrove


I am really gaining a lot of strength following this program but about a month I am starting to get ready to move onto Stage Two. Each workout has five exercises which is great for simplicity but it gets stale pretty quickly.

After Work - Run

No particular distance. I am running by feel until I start the base building part of half training at the end of August.

Wednesday -

After Work – Run

Probably anywhere from three to six miles depending on how I feel.

Thursday –

Morning – The New Rules Of Lifting For Women Stage One Workout A Number Six

After Work – Run

Easy run while watching terrible TV on Netflix.

Friday -


Saturday -

My last 5K in the Lakeland Runners Club Watermelon 5K series. In case you missed the other three races you can find them race one, race two, and race three.  Maybe this will be the one where I finally run a sub-30 5K? (Please cross your fingers for me.)