Three Miles Never Felt So Good A Comeback Story

I have been sick for two weeks. Two weeks where my head felt like it was full of cotton balls. Two weeks where my chest burned and breathing was difficult on most days, so exercise was out. Being a bit of a sweat addict and not having the best time lately, not being able to workout has been crushing. Putting my sneakers and Garmin on today felt amazing. I love the freeing feeling of running. How it clears my mind and allows me to workout a lot of the little ideas that are always rolling around in my head. This is definitely one of those times when I really needed that.

When I came back from my run, I forced myself to actually do something productive. I think during this lay off, I need to make sure to keep a regular schedule of productivity. I made a to do list and one big item on it is to update my LinkedIn profile. It was skeletal and completely outdated. The last time I was in the job market, I used more conventional means to find it and am interested to see how effective sites like LinkedIn are.

After I felt I accomplished all I could for the day, I pulled the cookie dough I made yesterday from the refrigerator. I love to bake and used to not have much time for it. I took out my copy of The Original King Arthur Cookbook which is an amazing cookbook. The best part is it encourages modifications and gives great suggestions as to how you can easily modify the recipes. It is meant to be an evolving cookbook where people put their own spin on the recipes.

The Original King Arthur Cookbook

If you are not familiar with King Arthur, please check out their baking blog. It is very comprehensive plus they are extremely helpful if you have any questions or concerns about any of their recipes or products. (I swear, I am not being paid by King Arthur. I just really love them.)

Grandma Swift’s Molasses Cookies contain molasses, ginger, and cinnamon. They are soft with just a hint of sweetness. I love a spice cookie so these should go fast.

Grandma Swift's Molasses Cookies King Arthur Flour

Have you had good luck with LinkedIn?