Ready To Start

Guess what this week is?


It is the week I start training for my next half marathon.

I am running the OUC Orlando Half Marathon.

OUC Orlando Half Marathon 2013

(I ran the OUC Orlando Half Marathon last year. You can read about it here.)

So that’s exciting enough but wait, there’s more.

FitNiche Training

This came to my inbox a few weeks ago. Recently, I started participating in a casual Saturday morning group run. I learned that I love running with other people. This training cycle I will have the support of running with other people and coach to get me on the right plan. The first run is on August 6th and I am just so excited to get started.

Everything Must Change

If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

I am making changes.

As I start to prepare my body to run longer, I am slowly, but consistently, starting to base build. I like to take it easy in the summer and run mostly how I feel. The past few weeks, I am slowly inching up my Saturday longish run.

I started running with a group. Living in the small town Florida, there are not a lot of options for me to run with other people. A lot of it is a matter of geography.

Central Florida Map

I live in a large but rural county in between Tampa and Orlando. Lakeland is the only large “city” in Polk County and the only place with a running club. Running with any of the Lakeland groups is difficult for me during the week but on Saturday’s, I can get over there.

Mitchell’s Coffee House in Lakeland hosts a long run on Saturday at 6am. It’s a great  because there is a 3, 6, and 9 mile group plus a few running the half route for the inaugural Red Ribbon Half Marathon. I have never run with other people and did not realize how much I would enjoy it.

I have lots of race plans rolling around in my head. Officially, I signed up for the Town Of Celebration Half Marathon (you can use the code LRC to save $10 on either the Half or Full). I love running in Celebration so much. It is beautiful and usually shady (which can be rare in Florida.) (You can find some of my other posts about my love of running in Celebration here, here, and here.)