Slow Love


I read Slow Love as part of the BlogHer Book Club. Slow Love is a memoir by Dominique Browning that begins when she is laid off from her job as an editor for the magazine House & Garden. The book is broken into seasons and the pacing has the feel of seasonal change. It is very tactile and expressive, like a rich tapestry you see hanging in the store and ache to reach out and touch.

After the initial shock and mourning, she starts to find joy and passion in former pursuits. She rediscovers playing music, discovering the Goldberg Variations and the genius of Bach. In it she discovers a love for simplicity and simple beauty. There is eventual loss, the loss of her home and her relationship with an ambivalent man she calls Stroller.

Ultimately, Dominique learns how to live a life that is full, rich, filled with love, and eventually slow. It is a lesson to us all to pursue our passions now,

not waiting until we have the time. Find peace and learn how to let go.

I enjoyed this book and felt it had a quiet, ethereal quality. Browning’s rediscovery of music was particularly poignant. The hunger for beauty and quiet in this fast paced, digital world really spoke to me.

I was compensated for my review and provided with a copy of Slow Love. All opinions are my own.