Gasparilla Distance Classic Expo 2012

I went to the expo on Saturday before the Gasparilla Half Marathon and of course, I got lost trying to park.

I had to call J to guide me through downtown Tampa because the roads were closed off due to the races on Saturday and my complete inability to find places I have never been. Even with a GPS and printed out directions, the Tampa Convention Center alluded me.

When I finally found the convention center, I planned on getting in and out quickly. Having zero income coming in has pretty much ended unnecessary purchases, so there was no point in torturing myself by looking around.

One thing I did find that is most likely unique to the Tampa Bay area, is that the Scientologists had been there and left their literature. In case you were unaware,  Clearwater is the mecca for this group and they are all over the Tampa Bay area. I have even seen them at craft shows with their e-meter’s looking for people to dupe.

I grabbed all the cards I saw so no one would go to one of these bogus sites.

Creepy Cult Cards

Creepy Cult Cards Again

Creepy, right?

Cult sightings aside, I got my bag, number, and shirt.

Gasparilla Distance Classic Tampa Bag

Gasparilla 2012 Half Marathon Shirt Tampa

The shirt is a nice Nike Dri-Fit. I only have one other long sleeve shirt because I live in Florida and they are rarely needed, so getting an additional one is great.

I did take a few pictures inside the expo, which was on the large size but mainly made up of all the booths you find at these things. ( I did see, and was recognized by, someone who I have purchased shoes from. Talking about you Fitniche.)

Cool wall of names that was difficult to photograph.

Names at Gasparilla 2012 Race Expo

I was able to make it out of downtown Tampa relatively unscathed. I found I-4 with relatively few wrong turns which may have been a miracle.

(Earlier that day, I did get some cute pictures of Tail sleeping. I have to share this one because I love pictures of cute cats almost as much as I love running.)

Sleepy Cat Peeking