Florida Hospital Celebration Health 10K

I decided to use this race as the last long run of my Half Marathon training. As someone who mostly runs alone, it is so nice to run with other people and to run a route that is planned out by someone else. It took place in Celebration which is one of my favorite places in Central Florida and a place where I run regularly. (Celebration Runs)

One mistake I made was eating out really late on Saturday. J and I went to Dave & Busters in Orlando. It opened recently and I have never been to one. So we played games for an hour and sat down to eat around nine.

Dina Dave & Busters

J Dave & Busters

Then we ate this.

Dave & Busters Spinach Dip

And this.

Dave & Busters

Plus a little bit of this.

Sam Seasonal Dave & Busters

The food was fine for bar type food but it sat in my stomach like a rock. So not the recipe for a successful early morning run. At least I had fun (and won lots of tickets beating J at trivia.)

I woke up early early the next morning (around 4:45 which is only a little bit earlier than I wake up everyday for work.) Celebration is pretty close to my house, so there was not any traffic issues and the parking went very smoothly. After a short walk from my car, where of course I forgot my sunglasses and did not have time to get them, I picked up my race packet and was able to use the bathroom. The porta potty situation was crazy, so I went inside the hospital to go.

The weather was brisk (for Florida) but I was comfortable in my shorts and t-shirt when we started to move. The course was beautiful and there was a decent amount of crowd support. It included many cute kids with cute dogs.

My goal for this race was to not puke up the rock of food and beer that was still in my stomach and to relax into a steady pace. I am not fast and know I need to maintain a comfortable pace for the Half next week. This race, I was really able to do that. I never surged with the crowd and my pace was very consistent. I also did not take any walk breaks until after the 5K mark which was a first.

The Positives:

Great course

Great cause

Easy parking

Very well organized (The Track Shack races always are.)

Bag check (This is the first one I have seen at a 5/10 K. Great idea and I wish I had known, I would have kept my camera in it to take some pictures.)

Did not puke

Perfect weather (in the 60’s)

The Cons:

Not enough porta potties

Two water stops which might have been worse had it been a hot day

After the race I stopped at the sports medicine booth provided by Florida Hospital. I have had a slight pain in my left leg the past few weeks which is making me limp a little. It makes running a bit uncomfortable at first but starts to feel better as I continue to move. Yoga seemed to help it but I was worried that it could be a more serious injury. It turns out to be some tenderness in my IT Band. A stretch was recommended, to do before and after runs. I was also told to hold off on any serious strength training this week to make sure I am strong for my race on Sunday. This news that my injury was just muscle soreness is such a relief. I will continue to stretch, do Yoga, and foam roll to work it out this week.

My race results:

Clock Time: 1:09:47

Chip Time: 1:08:53

Pace: 11:05.1

It was a lot of fun and I would defiantly run this race again. Maybe next year I will do the distance dare and run the 5K too.

Track Shack Swag

Friday was kind of awesome. I got to wear jeans to work and leave early (to go to the dentist but whatever.)

After getting my teeth cleaned, I headed to an iconic Orlando store.

Track Shack


The Track Shack!


(Does anyone know how to take a good picture of a plastic bag?)

They are having a sale (that ends on Saturday) that is 20% off everything in the store plus it’s Florida’s tax free weekend. I needed some new shoes and to pick-up my race pack for the Celebration of Running 5K.

This was my first time in the Track Shack and it did not disappoint. What I ended up taking home.


New Asics GT- 2160. I have already run in these twice and they feel so good. I waited much too long to get new shoes.


A larger pouch for my Fuel Belt. It fits my phone perfectly which is great because I like to listen to Sirius when I run and need my phone for that. The longer my runs get, the safer I will feel having my phone. Just in case I end up in a ditch or hurt myself. (Or just to see how fast J will come and get me.)

The BodyGlide is for my horrible armpits. I have had some armpit irritation that is making me mental and have to concentrate not to scratch in public.(I want to apologize to Maria, who sits next to me at work and am sure has caught me scratching.) I used the BodyGlide and I can see an improvement already. I should have purchased this months ago.

I want to try some new nutrition as my runs get longer. So far, I have used Cliff Shot Bloks mainly because they are available at my local Target and nothing else is. I decided to try two flavors of GU and two Cliff Shot Gel’s and see how it goes. From what I can tell, this seems to be a highly personal process and filled with lots of trial and error. If you have any suggestions for me as to your favorite nutrition, I am all ears. What is important is that I do not want tons of chemicals. I try to avoid food coloring, fake sugars, and additives as much as possible in my diet.

All of this for 20% off.

I also picked up this baby.


Should have a race report up tomorrow. First 5K of the season was a lot of fun. I missed racing!

What are some of your favorite running products? Have you started your racing season yet?