Keeping It Positive

J actually told me I am the second most negative person he knows the other day. Even being in league with the person he ranked as number one is frightening enough to force me to reevaluate how I think about things. I do not want to be negative nor do I mean to be but my mind really tends to skew that way. So in an attempt to be less negative, I want to focus on the positive at least once a week.

If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change


Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Season 3 HBO


The Walking Dead finale and Game Of Thrones premier on the same night is really the best present TV could give me. J and I have already discussed which one we will watch on Sunday and The Walking Dead it is. I hope we get to see the Governor get his head chopped off.

Speaking of The Walking Dead have you seen this?

You Should Have Taken His Truck


So true. I would do just about anything to avoid being locked in a torture chair.

Law School

J is almost done with law school. After three long years, my husband is this close to graduating. Then comes the nightmare that is bar study but I just know he is going to do well.

Cold Weather

Not real cold weather but Florida cold weather. It gives the cats an extra excuse to cuddle and Tail loves to burrow under blankets. So freaking cute.

Tail Cat Stares At You

Cute Bed Cat

Cat In Shirt

Looking Forward

I have felt kind of depressed and deflated lately. Being in the job market in a state with high unemployment is not ideal. Through this trying time, it helps to have something to look forward to.

Ascics GT-2170


My shoes are in and I am picking them up tomorrow. The current pair is being held together by string, so my feet, legs, and knees will be happy with this new development.

Game Of Thrones Show Season Two


This Sunday, season two of Game Of Thrones premieres. Based on the books in the George R. R. Martin’s A Song Of Fire And Ice series, this show has it all. I just finished the first book in the series, in which season one was based, and am dying to know how the story is continued. (If you have not read or watched this series, please do so. It is amazing!)

Howard Stern on America's Got Talent


The King Of All Media is coming to Florida! America’s Got Talent is holding their Florida auditions next week in St. Pete and I was able to get tickets. I have never been to a TV taping which should be exciting (what if I end up in an audience shot!) J and I love Howard Stern almost as much as we love cats, so the excitement is really overwhelming.

TV To Watch

One thing I may love as much as cats and running is TV. Please let me be your guide to all the best shows on the dial.

Alcatraz TV Fox New Show


I can sell you this one with a few words. J.J. Abrams, Sam Neill, and Jorge Garcia. There is also a Lost connection which is always good for shows like this. J and I are slowing being sucked into to the mystery and really want to know where the prisoners went and who took them.

Shameless US TV Showtime


Shameless is in its second season and so far the episodes are just as good as season one. William H. Macy is really strong as Frank who is a terrible father/person but has his moments. He is a man you love to hate and continue to be shocked at where he is willing to go (such as allowing his son Liam, who is a baby, to be held ransom for money he owes on a bet.) The show is hilarious, shocking, and heartwarming all at the same time. Definitely worth a slot on your DVR.

Touch TV Show Fox Kiefer Sutherland


Touch has only aired one preview episode before its actual premiere in March but it was very strong. Kiefer Sutherland stars as a single father of a son who is delayed and does not speak. After the intervention of Child Protective Services, he realizes that his son is seeing patterns and trying to communicate through numbers. The story is very intriguing and could make for lots of great possibilities plus you know TV is always better with Jack Bauer.

Smash TV Show NBC Debra Messing Anjelical Huston Katharine McPhee


Smash has not aired yet but I am excited to see it. The reviews coming out are very positive and it has such a strong cast (Hello Anjelica Huston.) I am such a sucker for singing/dancing on TV, I know I am going to like this. Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype.

Any shows you would add to a must watch list?