Active Warm-Up And Goals

Training for my first half marathon, I developed a constant tightness in my IT band. It became painful but using a foam roller and finding a post-run Yoga routine helped for half number two. I found something that worked for me for after the run, what about before?

This video from Runner’s World came up in Google Reader last week.

It is full of dynamic stretches that open up your hips. It also gets your blood pumping and heart rate up before you start to run. I have done this routine before my last few runs and noticed an immediate difference. I feel ready to run immediately, rather than a mile or two in. My legs feel much loser and the tightness that I normally experience does not come.

One of my recent goals (beside finding suitable employment) has been to do more strength training. I have fallen off the wagon of regular strength training and need to get back on. It is becoming obvious how much strength I have lost and I would like to get it back.

So far this week I completed the fifteen minute full-body routine from Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training.

Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training DVD


This is first time in months that I was able to motivate myself to do strength training after a run.

I even had a day of cross training with Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism and am still sore two days later.

JillianMichaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism


Hopefully I can keep this momentum going.

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