What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Do you ever feel introspective? Start questioning where you are and where you want to be?

I spent a lot of my unemployed time doing just that. What do I want to be when I grow-up? (Please stay with me in a metaphorical sense, I know at 30 I am quite grown.)

I think I eventually want to be a Mom but not for another few years. I want to go back to school but that can’t happen until J is done with law school and working full-time again (fingers crossed.) I used to think I wanted to be a musician, which is what I went to college for.

A few times a month, I attend meetings that leave me so inspired, I am ready to declare myself. Last night was one such meeting.

I am a member of the Polk County Democratic Election Committee and at the monthly meeting, Democratic candidates from a County Commission seat to the US House were in attendance. Listening to their stories and what their catalyst was to pursue public office, is really powerful. I want that.

I want to serve my local community and be able to create real change. Even from the sidelines, I am working to organize young people in my county. The Polk County Young Democrats is such a great platform for service and a place where I can really make a difference. (Plus it’s fun to geek out about politics with other young people.)

My long-term plan is to go back to school, work on as many campaigns as I can, and get the Polk County Young Democrats to a place of real power. Then I might be ready.


My name is Dina and I approve this message.