Shoe Changes

I am not a big fan of change. When I first got more serious about running and went to a running store to get fit for shoes, they recommended Asics 2150.

Asics GT-2150

These shoes got me through all my early racing and training without incident. When they started to wear out I purchased the next in the series, the 2160.

Asics GT-2160

No injuries or problems, so I never saw a reason to change. Until now.

I received an email from my local running store (Fitniche) that the only real running shoes I have ever worn in my two years of running were being discontinued. The good news was that they were having a sale to clear out the last model year (GT-2170). I got my butt right over to Lakeland looking to stock up on a few pairs of shoes and to put off the inevitable search for new shoes.

Sadly, they only had one pair of 2170’s in my size.

Asics GT-2170

At least they were purple, so that kind of helped ease my pain.

So now I have one pair of the only running shoes I ever worn left and know I will need to replace them eventually. I did a little bit of research to find out what the replacement line is for the 2100 series and it looks like Asics has two options for a replacement. One is the GT-2000 and the other is the GT-1000. Both lines are being launched in October.

I decided to try to adapt and purchased a pair of Asics GT-1000’s.

Asics GT-1000 PR Shoes

They are literally the cutest running shoes I have ever worn and received many compliments on them. Asics teamed up with Christina Applegate’s Right Action For Women fund which provides assistance to women who are at an increased risk for breast cancer. During October, they will donate $2 for every pair sold.

After running in the GT-1000’s for two weeks, I am not entirely sure how I feel. I don’t hate them but I do notice that they have less cushioning than the GT-2170’s. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I do notice it.

Have your favorite running shoes been discontinued?

All images from,, and REI